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One of the most important things in obtaining a new Westie puppy is to find a good reputable breeder.   These breeders don't generally advertise as there is always a good waiting list of prospective buyers of Westie puppies.    It is therefore necessary for one to do a thorough search and background checks before selecting a breeder to purchase from.   Here are some important check points for one to follow in their search for a "reputable" breeder:

1.    A good breeder generally does not breed westies for pure profit.   They will breed and raise the puppies as part of the family and will only sell them to select people whom the breeder feels confident that will give the puppy a good home.

2.    You will generally find a good breeder through word of mouth.   This usually comes from current Westie owners telling people about the breeder they purchased from.   If you are on the search for a Westie then be sure to stop and talk to anyone you see who has a Westie with them.   Westie owners usually love to talk about their pets and I know Jan and I are often stopped while out with Sheena by both people who are looking for a Westie and those who already have a Westie at home.

3.    When a breeder has been found, go and visit them at their breeding location.   View the conditions that surround the breeding practises used.   Observe how the animals are housed and that this is truly a good breeder and not just a puppy mill operation. Look at the condition of the animals on site and that they appear to be well cared for.

4.    The breeder (especially the reputable breeders) will seem quite intimidating and will be asking you lots of questions about yourself and what your intentions are in wanting a Westie for a pet.   Don't be afraid to ask your own set of prepared questions as it is just as important that you learn as much about the breeder as they will want to know about you.   For example you will want to know that your puppy will be a registered pure bred Westie and what kind of guarantee the breeder provides with the puppy.   You will also want to know if the breeder can give you references i.e.; the names of people who have purchased puppies from this breeder that you can contact.

5.    Because of the high demand for Westie puppies and because the breeder is reputable and well known you must expect a lengthy wait to obtain a new puppy.   You should be extra cautious and do further checking if a breeder offers you a puppy immediately or in a very short time frame.   Jan and I took a year to research and select a breeder and then had to wait another year before we were able to pick up Sheena.

6.    Registered kennel clubs are often an excellent source of information on the breed and in finding a suitable breeder. We have included some links on this web page that will connect you with these clubs.

As a result of poor breeding practises Westies have been known to experience poor health,  allergies and severe skin conditions.   In all cases where people have written us about medical problems that their Westie were having,  we found that they had purchased from a pet store or from a non-registered breeder.

We are often asked where to find a good breeder by people who are looking for a Westie as a family pet.   Although our experience with breeders is limited we have gathered together some links that you may find useful in your search for a Westie puppy.  

Firstly we list some "known" breeders in the area in which we live showing addresses and phone numbers.   Then we show some breeder contacts in other areas thanks to people who have written us with the information and from just surfing the web.   Finally we show some general contacts for both Canada and the U.S. that can help you in your search for a Westie puppy.


Bremar Kennels
Calgary, Alberta,
(403) 295-7092 or
(403) 295-1985
Sherry Day
Edmonton, Alberta,
(780) 463-1392

Contact "Yvonne Lord",  The British Columbia Director of the Canadain West Highland White Terrier Club at:   her email address

Click HERE to view list.
**NOTE**   None of these
contacts have been verified
as breeders of "Pure Bred
Westies" and you will have to
do your own background checks.
Washington State West Highland White Terrier Club of Puget Sound

West Highland White Terrier Club of Canada CLICK HERE
Provincial contacts for breeders in your area CLICK HERE
West Highland White Terrier Club of America CLICK HERE
Here is a link to find Canadian and US club contacts for breeders in your area.
Search in the U.S. or Canada by your zip code or your postal code at Breeders Net

We are always looking for breeder information for this page.   If you know of a breeder in your area that you would like to recommend or if you are a breeder who would be interested in listing your information here please email us.

While at our pages drop us a line at any time.

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