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Casey wishes everyone a
Thanks for voting me the #1 Westie
on Sheena's Pages during September, 2000

And now a word from my MOM, Janet...

I grew up with Westies and currently have CASEY who is 13 years old.   Casey has a way of letting me know when he is unhappy.   He gets so mad when I leave him at grandmas (who ADORES him),  he won't look at,  or come to me for days afterwards..   Sometimes he won't eat he gets so mad.  

Casey is my second westie,  my first was Bertha and I had her until she was 16.   I'm sorry to say that because of his insatiable appetite he became quite overweight.   We were avoiding the vets because I know we would get a stern lecture!    Now that summer is over we are both in better shape with plenty of exercise and good eating habits :-)   

Casey is also very sympathetic with elderly people or people who are suffering in any way.   I used to do "pet therapy" at a nursing home with him and it was awesome!   Those poor people can't have pets and they miss theirs so much.   Casey helped ease that pain.   I since have married and have 2 children who Casey now gives pet therapy to,  although he has to compete with Gabby (who talks constantly) the cat.   We live on 2 1/2 acres of wooded land in Kingston, WA, USA.   This provides Casey with plenty of squirrel chasing opportunities.    A rather comical sight is Casey the Westie chasing the big Rotwiller,  Bear,  out of our yard!!   When Bear sees Casey coming he hightails it as fast as he can with Casey in hot pursuit!!   Casey wins everyones heart with his sweet,  sensitive,  loving nature.   He can have a tough guy attitude when the squirrels or racoons are after him,  if he's after Gabby's food,  or when the Rotwiller from down the road comes into our yard.   It's a funny sight to see that huge dog turn around and run away as fast as he can when he sees Casey coming!!!

A few comments from Casey...

Im my picture above and on Sheena's pages (link below),   I am in Yellowstone National Park romping around in the flowers.   As my Mom mentioned,   I live in Washington State on a wooded acreage where I am on squirrel and deer duty.   I LOVE to play with toys,  I like tug-of-war and can bounce a balloon off my nose.   I think I would make a great movie or circus dog,  as I'm so cute and smart :-)   I live with a family of 4 people,  Mom,  Dad,   Kyle and Tessa.   Not to mention... Gabby the cat who talks constantly.   My favorite is Mom because she raised me from a little baby and we spent 5 years together before the other kids came along.   I love to cuddle and I especially like to takeover Daddy's pillow after he's left for work.   Thats it for now but keep coming back during the month of October for further updates from me and my Mom.

I'm just like Sheena...I love to stick my head out the window and get the feeling "I'm on the Hunt"

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