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Chester getting ready for the beach

  from Seattle, Washington, USA  

Hi.....I'm Chester  (a.k.a.  "The Dude")  I live in Seattle, WA, U.S.A. with Fred and John.   I enjoy playing catch and fetch the ball,  going to the beach and I really enjoy looking out the window for squirrels and then running around barking.   I am also quite spoiled - I mean well loved :-)   Recently I watched Fred make homemade chicken/cheese biscuits and I of course was in the kitchen with him the entire time waiting for something to drop - I mean help him make them. I'm also pretty ornery, (just like a Westie should be) but I also can be pretty nice too....below see another picture of me ...... my angelic side

  Angelic Chester  

What great news to win on Sheena's monthly contest and to have a page of my own.   Here are some more pictures of me with captions underneath:

At the Beach :-)
My favorite spot...the Beach
At the Beach :-)
Here we are at the Bagel Place
At the Lake
Not only the beach but we have a Lake to go to also
Happy Chester
Do you know when a Westie is happy?

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Here is the award certificate I received from Sheena for winning her December, 2000 contest.

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