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Last revised: March 31st, 1999.


February 17, 1996 - March 20, 1999


It was near Easter weekend in 1996 when I set out for a garage sale and instead we came home with a gorgeous squirming ball of Dalmatian puppy. At 10 weeks of age my darling Comox was home, helpless and frightened, and as his new master and mistress were quick to discover, unable to hear. In those early days his deafness seemed an insurmountable problem. But Comox did not concern himself with his disability and was quick to use his amazing sense of smell, excellent eyesight and his remarkable sixth sense to plunge headlong and with great enthusiasim into his new and exciting young Dalmation life.

Those early weeks were full of tears and joy. We felt great sadness that he could not hear the sounds of life or our words of comfort. With the encouragement and assistance of our Veterinarian we sought out a young lady who was experienced in training deaf dogs using sign language. I never considered for one moment returning him, he was now mine. I fell head over heels in love so there was no going back. Comox thrived on the sign language we developed together and this will long remain a special part of me. The last sign I had from Comox was one single wag of his tail. What a precious memory that is.

How lucky I am to have found him and to have shared his short but so very happy life. How proud I am of his so beautiful coat and spots and to think I will never hear another child call out "Dalmatian!" breaks my heart. I am sure he knew every day of his life how much he was loved. Comox loved his family and special friends with all his being. Comox was love.

I am comforted knowing that the care and attention we gave him was far above average. How lucky I am to know that he had such a good full life and that he was so loved and admired. There are no regrets and nothing to feel guilty about. We were always there for him as he was for us. We shared so very much happiness and good times together exploring the beaches beside crashing waves, and following winding trails through towering fir trees. Those long daily walks were dreamy, peaceful and so very special. We knew at the time they were priceless treasures.

There is only one thing left to do and that is to thank our sweet baby boy for so many things. Thank you Comox for loving us and letting us love you. Thank you for protecting us, staying near us and always coming when we called you. Thank you for being so very handsome, soft, smooth and warm. Thank you for giving me a reason to get up in the morning. Thank you for helping your master and I enjoy life as it should be enjoyed.

I am so grateful Comox that you have not suffered greatly and that you went peacefully and that it is not you that feels this dreadful awful heartache and loss. I know I have to go on somehow without you in my life so I will call upon the many good memories you have so generously left. They will, I am sure, help and sustain me through the rest of my life. Good Dog!

Joanna - Surrey, B.C. March 21, 1999

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