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Hello,  We are Daisy and Sissy,  West Highland White Terriers.   We live with our Mom,  in Aurora,  Oregon, USA.   We are sisters.   Daisy is three and Sissy just had her first birthday.

An update from Daisy and Sissy... SPRING 2002
Hello to all our friends,

Spring is fast becoming Summer,  except for our friends that live in the North,  we hear it is still Winter there.

We have been busy doing our Spring yard work,  Mom really needs all the help she can get.   We are getting ready to plant our vegetable garden,  and we aren't very happy about that as the gate gets closed,  and unless we can sneak in we are out until Fall.

This morning,  very early,  we had quite an adventure...We heard our cat Huckle out under our bedroom window.   He was meowing very strangely,  Mom tried to ignore him,  but got worried and got up to let him in.   She came back to bed,  but we wouldn't settle down.   We just knew something wasn't right...So we got up,  went into the family room and there was Huckle,  He had just dropped something,  and yes,  it was alive!!.......... and it was scurrying back into the bedroom,  Mom says,  "oh no" it must be a rat!!   Sissy was hot on it's tail and cornered it in the bedroom.   Well as it turned out it was just a little bird.   Mom caught it and warmed it up and turned it loose.."Darn cat",  she said.   Well we think he's pretty cool,  what's better than a little excitement early on a Saturday morning?   Mom thinks we enjoyed it way too much.

That's our big news for now.   We hope all our friends have a wonderful Spring.   Enjoy the sunshine,  smell the flowers,  and SMILE a lot.

Your Friends,
Daisy and Sissy

time to relax

AHHHH ... This is the life!

A Westie is......

Daisy's and Sissy's favorite things....

A pair of the most
expressive black eyes
Playing with a blue ball
Two perky always alert ears
Playing with all our other balls
A beautiful non shedding
white coat
Playing in the rainor sprinkler
An always wagging tail
Chasing bubbles
A merry disposition
Running, just for the joy of it
A whole lot of courage
Squeaky things
Boundless energy
A very big bark
Keeping our back yard
a cat free zone
Higher than average intelligence
An enormous loving heart
The morning road report


Prey or Playmate???

"Don't run...we only want to play"

let's play

"Hey's time to play"


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Page updated May 8th, 2002