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Ralph left..Abby right

  from Omaha, Nebraska, USA  

Hi.....We are Ralph and Abby Lu Long....We live with our Mom and Dad Larry and Omaha,  Nebraska.   In the summer we love to go to our lake house and ride the 4 wheeler and also swim and go for boat rides.   Ralph is "in charge " of the squirrel patrol on the golf course behind our house.....Abby Lu loves to chase mice.   We have several Westie friends and invite them to join us.   We also have a freindly cat named Chuckie who lives with us and really tolerates our Wesite habits..

  Abby left..Ralph middle..Chuckie right  

What great news to win Sheena's contest!!!!!!!   Ralph and Abby Lu, as well as their mom (A.J.),  Dad (Larry) and all of their friends are so happy.

  Larry, A.J., Ralph, Chuckie and Abby  

Ralph and Abby Lu have taught us so much about the wonderful world of knowing Westies ... and being owned by Westies...... Every day is Christmas morning in our home.   Larry brought Ralphie to me when he was a baby as a surprise .... after losing my old Laso Apso,  Reggie,  who went to his special  "new dog Life",  I told my Larry.   I could not ever go through such a loss of a pet again.   Reggie had helped me raise two children and was my constant companion and a friend who loved us unconditionally.......Well,  Ralphie did it!!!!!   I instantly became a Westie Mom and from then on it has been uphill!!!!   It took me several years to convince my husband that Ralphie needed a little sister (you know how moms love to put ribbions in little girls hair) and doing that "special girl talk" with daughters....We went to "just go look " at Westie puppies .......and that did it...Abby Lu stole our hearts and went home to help Ralphie run the Long's Westie homes.   Thanks to Ralph and Abby Lu and of course dear old sweet silver persian who was a member of the family long before,  there is constant entertainment in our homes.......All three, Ralph,  Abby Lu and Chuckie spend alot of time in A.J.'s design studio office and love to greet any one who stops by.   Each new clients carpet or fabric sample becomes their place to take a nap.

  A Day at the Lake  

Ralph and abby Lu love their baths........I'm sending a photo of Chuckie who got wet and he does not love the water like Ralph and Abby Lu..... Ralph has a very special squirrel (and several families of squirrels who live on the golf course) who "heckle him".....he is always ready for a good chase.....and is in charge of the Oak Hills Golf Course "Squirrel Patrol".   Abby Lu has her favorite rodents.......she loves to dig for ground squirrels and has some special holes on the golf course that she "supervises".   Once in a while we have an Opposum come visit.....and Yes,  they do play Possum when they hear and see Ralphie.   Ralph and Abby Lu have a wonderful language......ABBA,ABBA,ABBA.........ROO, ROO, ROO, and then they just clack their teeth with no voice to say hello and also to get attention.   Both Ralph and Abby Lu have bells at the outside doors that they ring to tell their "servants, Larry and A.J. that they want out".   Ralph and Abby love to go to our lake home at Willow Point in Ashland,  and ride the 4-wheeler with their Dad and mom,  swim,  roll and dig in the sand and love boat rides.....Ralph is usually the captain of the boat.

  Out for a walk with Larry  

(I asked Larry to write a few of his thoughts about our lives as Westie parents and here it is"

Ralph & Abby Lu start my day with a cheery bark,  a clacking of their teeth or one of their special own Westie "ABBA ABBA"s or ROO, ROO, ROO's..and let me know there are squirrels outside on the golf course to be chased!!   This is followed by our morning walk at 9:30 to stretch their little legs-run fast-play "get you games" and many times several of their neighborhood dog friends come along..... and last but not least go to their favorite potty spots....when this is accomplished daddy's day can begin!   I look forward to repeating this all over agian at 6:00 P.M..  These trips can result in at least one or two baths per wash off the mud and lake water.....(Ralphie on nice days loves to swim a few laps and show off)...this keeps them snowy-white as you know they do like to dig and could care less how they look!!!!

  Our love and joy  

Ralph is 6 so he has taught Abby Lu who is 2 1/2 all of his "Westie habits"......Like "I'll come in when I'm ready".   Even a special treat fails to lure him in when he decides he is "in charge".   The rest of the evening is is taken up by "let the dogs out"...."let the dogs in",  let the dogs out,  let the dogs in"....They both ring their bells at the doors to signal their servants,  Larry and A.J.   And for all of this,  my wife and I are completely taken back by the unconditional love they give us every day.   Not to mention they both love to heckle lovingly our cat "Chuckie".   The 3 a them are truely a sight to watch in action..(by, Larry)

  Our Squirrel trap and other prey  

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful Westie Web site and what an honor it is to be apart of such a happy cause........A.J. and Larry Long

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