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August 4th,  1989 to July 7th,  2002

Sunday started out so great,  she got up with me,  ate her breakfast,  went out side and played a little on the deck.  

She watched us do some work,  then we saw her start to get weak,  I sit on the bench with her awhile,  but somehow I knew this spell she would not pull through.

We took her inside,  and as I held her I told Ed to call the vet,  but then I knew I didn't want our last memory to be of a ride she would not finish.

So I held her close as I could and rocked her as I felt her heart grow weaker.   She started to struggle a little but I said the hardest words I have ever spoken,  I told her no it was OK to cross over,  I told her I would cry for her and miss her very much,  but I would go on and meet her someday,  I told her Misty was waiting to show her the way.

So as I held her close with Ed's arms around us both I could feel her grow smaller.   Her heart finally gave up but I still held her,  I knew she was still close by and I wanted her to feel all the love I had for her so she could take it with her as she made the last part of her journey.