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This is the story of Schooner and Annie, as told by Me, Schooner:

I was born in Kittery,  Maine on May 20,  1998.   My full name is Schooner Duff Cameron.   Duff is for one of the first kings of Scotland,  and Cameron,  is for my Mummy's grandfather.   There were many puppies in the house where I was born,  so I had to really try hard to find the perfect people to take me home with them.   Whew,  did I have to turn on the charm,  but finally someone came,  and I loved them right away.   I just knew I would.

Well,  they put me in a crate in the car,  and we drove and drove and drove for ages.   Eventually,  we came to a big house,  with all this grass,  and trees and flowers all around;  a true westie paradise.   I had to go through all that training period,  and getting scolded because I did my business in the wrong places,  and then I was put in a pen.   But I had some wonderful toys,  and plenty to eat and they played with me a lot,  so I really liked it.   I had never had so much attention.   And I really liked those fuzzy toys that squeeked.

What I didn't like was when they took me to a place that smelled funny and they stuck needles into my rump and that didn't feel nice at all.   But after that,  they were nice to me and I got to go home again,  and I got treats for being a good boy.

What I really like is when we go to Maine.   That's because I like all the smells of the sea,  and I love to roll in really smelly things along the shore like dead crabs,  and seagull messes,  and all those things that really smell nice.   My mummy does not like that at all.

We go quite a lot to Maine,  and we may someday live there all the time.   Right now we live in Northern Vermont where it is really cooooold in the winter time,  and it gets all white with tons of snow.

Well,  all was going very nicely with me and my Mummy and Dad.   I had trained them to do all the things just the way I wanted them.   You know,  it's all in the unwritten code of the Westie Handbook,  the one we all know about,  but don't publish because then other dogs would find out about it and copy us,  and we can't have that kind of thing going on.

Anyway,  all was going fine and the trips to Maine really nice because we went for picnics,  and walks and saw lovely things like lighthouses and harbors with sailboats and lobster boats,  and even Windjammers (another name for Schooners) under full sail in Penobscot Bay.   I am called Schooner because of these beautiful and famous boats in Maine.

Well, as I was saying… all was fine until one day last November when they brought home a white tornado.   Oh… brother….   Her name is Annie and she is a pest.   She is into everything.   I have to hide all my toys in my crate.

Then she runs around,  and grabs one,  and tries to tease me to get it from her.   So then we have to have a good game of stampede around the living room,  and try very hard not to break things like lamps and chairs.

Annie's real name is "Breemoor's Anticipation" and she is very cute.   She was born in Rockland,  Maine on April 7,  2001.   This is an odd coincidence as the first westie my Mum and Dad had was also born on April 7,  in 1972. That was a long time ago,  and they still tell us stories about Dugald and Willie and Hamish, the other Westies they had before us.

Annie came from a house with many other Westies,  and was supposed to be a show girl,  but the breeder decided to let her go to a good home and my Mummy and Dad said they would take her.   The house has so many westies,  and they all run around like hooligans.   When there are young puppies it is even more crazy.   Whew,  I couldn't handle so many westies…..

They didn't even ask me,  but I do like her.

She is little and a lot of fun to have around.   We have gotten to be really good friends,  and just have to do everything the same.   We have all kinds of games together,  and it isn't so boring around the house anymore,  especially when we have to be left alone.   The only trouble is that Annie is still to young to be left out of her crate when they leave.   I think that is so we won't get into any trouble.   (As if we would do anything we shouldn't.)

Well,  if all goes well,  we will have a nice time this summer going back and forth from Vermont to Maine,  and have picnics again and visit lighthouses and all that kind of thing.   If you want to read more about the places we like to go to you can look at the following ;

We send all our friends out there lots of barks and sniffies,  and westie kisses.

Bye from Me,  Schooner and Annie


Schooner & Annie out for a walk



Come and see pictures of my home in   Northern Vermont.

Here is my Mom's drawing when I killed my first mole in the front yard which you can see in the above pictures of Northern Vermont.   Since then a garden snake has also met his end in my back yard :-)

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