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Here is where I live in Northern Vermont

State Bird....Hermit Thrush

State Flower....Red Clover

State Westie......Schooner

State Tree....Suger Maple    State Capital....Montpelier

If you planning on traveling to Vermont be sure to visit the Vermont Chamber of Commerce site which has some really good information on where to go and stay while in Vermont.

From my front window I view my territory and all there is to see.

There are many things to see..most notably Snowshoe Hares, Squirrels and other forms of wild life.  I particularily enjoy the Hares and the Squirrels and I do bark lots when I see them.  I know I do because my Mom and Dad, Felicity and John let me know about it all the time.  I never do get to catch one but there was one visitor who was not so lucky.  I was out in the yard and I noticed some movement in the corner of my eye. A mole had come forth and unfortunately for him he was far away from his burrow.

My natural hunting instincts cut in and I made the rush catching him and giving him the good old Westie shake. Then my Dad John arrived at the scene and took my prize possession away. I never did find out where he took it?

And now the pictures:

Spring, 2000 in my back yard

Summer time looking east

A beautiful sunrise out our window facing east

A typical autumn scene in Vermont

A coooold frosty morning in Northern Vermont

A first snow fall outside my window (easier to see my prey now).

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and now

come back to my page for more Westie adventures.