Sheena's Rainbow Bridge Pages
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Rainbow Bridge  

...A place where it is believed where all pets and their masters can be joined again in the eternal life.

It is here we have devoted pages to those dear friends who have left us, "for now", as a living memorial for those who wish to see and read about their lives on earth.   They will constantly remind us what they meant to our daily lives and that some day they will reunite again with the ones they love so much.   Click on the links below to visit the memorial page.

MAGGIE, age 12, Nov 8, 1987 to Nov 17, 1999

Quincy passed away Friday,  April 6,  2001.   Quincy is the most beautiful Westie in the world!!!! As I watched him age and change, I remember all the wondful joyous moments he has filled my life with.   Here is his   MEMORIAL

She was my mate,  my adoration,  the love of my life.   Everyday I think of her and tears come to my eyes and I get a lump in my throat even to this day.   I will always miss her.   To see my memorial for Maggie click

A Tribute to Maggie

Lacy,  age 9,

Libbee,  15 1/2 yrs old

So dear to her family,  she passed away November 3rd,  1999.   She will be missed forever.

A Tribute to LACY

She passed away on February 13,  2001.   She will be missed by Robin and Steve as well as her many friends until they meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

MiMi, age 15,

HAMISH ANDREW - - - - 12 1/2 yrs old

passed away on Thursday, July 20th, 2000.   She was the first Westie for Kat and Nao and she is loved sooooo much.

November 30, 1985 to June 12, 1998 who will be forever missed by John and Felicity

CASEY, age 14, Jan 16, 1987 to Feb 21, 2001


passed away on Wednesday,  February 21st,  2001.   Casey will be missed by his Dad,  Mom (Janet),  Kyle and Tessa.

I have been blessed to have had Westies for the past 19 years.   I am devoted to the health and well being of this beautiful breed.   I recently lost a Westie puppy.   She was just 9 weeks old.   I would like to share her story with you.   Please click HERE to read it.

BINGO, age 15, Sept. 28, 1986 to Jan 29, 2001

RANGER - Jan. 27, 1991 to Jun. 29, 2002

Bingo was our very first Westie and he shall always be first in our hearts!    He brought such joy to our lives as only a "Westie" person can fully understand.    He came to us when he needed a home and people to love and be loved.    And he filled a special need for us and he brought many new friends into our life.   To everyone that the"wee one" met,  he was a friend.   Not a day goes by that we do not think of him and miss him terribly!

Click here to see Rangers memorial.



from Cobham,  Surrey,  England,  beloved friend of her Mum (Maggie),  Dad (Graham),  Carly ( a German Shepherd) and Daisy (a Westie featured on our Gallery Page #12),  has passed away on September 5, 2000.   She will be missed by all.   Click here to see Zara's memorial by her Mum Maggi.

Although our Pages are devoted to the Westie breed we have a friend who had a Dalmation named Comox, who lived for only three short years.   This is Comox's story.

A tribute to COMOX    Feb. 17,  1996 - Mar. 20,  1999

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